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Wow GameCard

Do you want to win a wow gamecard for free..? At you can win a 60 day World Of Warcraft pre-paid game card. All you need to do is participate in a short survey. You also have the chance to earn other great World Of Warcraft Rewards as well. That’s right play World Of Warcraft free for 60 days with a world of warcraft gamecard. No complicated hacks or private servers. This wow gamecard sells on Amazon for upwards of $28. Many serious gamers cannot afford this expensive on going cost to play this awesome online computer game. That’s why we give you the chance to win a world of warcraft gamecard for free. You can enter as many times as you like. Win and you can play World Of Warcraft free for 60 days..on us. There are many places online to buy a World of Warcraft time card, but only one that offers the chance to win a pre paid wow gamecard for free.

WoW GameCard

Congratulations NATHANIEL ZIMMER Our Latest Winner!

A WOW Gamecard Is Safe

If you have ever tried to use a warcraft game card generator then you will know that they DO NOT work, or even worse that they have some kind of harmful virus or trojan attached. Similarly a CD Key downloaded from a warez or torrent site is likely to already be blacklisted. The safest way to play World Of Warcraft is to use a 60 day prepaid game card using a legitimate wow gamecard.

A WOW Gamecard Delivered Daily

You could receive your world of warcraft gamecard the same day you enter the sweepstakes. Winners are emailed their wow gamecard to ensure there is no delay, so remember to enter a valid email address. Play all the latest World Of Warcraft expansion packs. Cataclysm, Wrath Of The Lich King and The Burning Crusade all free for 60 days with a wow game card.

How To Use Your WOW Gamecard

If this is your first time using a pre-paid game card then you need to sign up for a new account. After accepting the User Agreement-
1. Input your authentication key and click continue.
2. Input your contact information, then click continue.
3. Select Game Card as your payment method, then click continue.
4. Enter your game card number, and click I agree.
5. Input the account creation information, and click continue.
6. Verify your contact information, and click create.

That’s it, with your new wow game card your set to play for 60 days..

If you already have a Warcraft account then go to your account management page select add game card and enter you wow gamecard codes.

But Why The Surveys?

wow game card You have probably come across these online surveys before, and you may be thinking they are a waste of time. Well just answer this simple question, do you think spending a minute or 2 filling out some surveys is worth the very real chance of winning a free wow gamecard ? That’s 1 or 2 minutes for around $28 of instant delivery value! Think of all that game time you will have to increase your wow gold, or increase your level and get a step ahead of your friends.

If you need more time in the kingdoms of Azeroth, if your Cataclysm addiction is savaging you bank balance, try our sweepstakes and get the chance to play free for 60 day’s with a wow game card on us. Stop paying those pricey monthly subscriptions to Blizzard, which already makes well over $800 million gross per year! Did you know the CEO of Blizzard makes around $15 million per year.

We offer a viable alternative. Sure you have to fill in some surveys, but hey, would you rather do that, or pay your money to some mega corporation. A wow gamecard for free, enter and you could WIN today.


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