WOW Game Card Generator

WOW Game Card Generator

Let’s not beat around the bush.. There is no such thing as a wow game card generator! Sorry to burst your bubble folks but it does not exits and here is why. When the game card is manufactured a random game card number is generated and entered into the blizzard database. The cards are then shipped to stores. Classic CD Keys were mathematically derived because there was no way to verify them other than using a mathematical formula, this made it possible to duplicate the formula and thus produce a CD Key. When you’re using a wow game card, you’re doing it online where Blizzard has access to a database to see if the number exists. For anything that requires you to be online to use the key, the key can be matched against a database of valid keys. Therefore this eliminates the classic CD Key validation problem. Elimination of that problem leads to the fact that there is likely no mathematical way to create a gamecard key. Therefore a wow game card generator is never going to work, unless you are lucky enough to create a game card number that already exists in the blizzard database.
Just for the curious there are… 8.0828e+38 possible game card codes. That is the following number for those not versed in scientific notation.
808,280,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 possible game cards. (Actually it’s a bit more, this is rounded off at the last). That’s 808.28 undecillion possible game cards. I doubt there are more than a million -active- game cards. So that gives you the following chance to -guess- one. 1 in 808,280,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. That’s One in a 808.28 Nonillion chance. For those curious on the math of this, 36 possible characters filling 25 slots. That big 808 number is 36^25.

Win A Free WOW Game Card

I know I may have made some of you a little sad to think that there is no way to play warcraft using a wow game card generator, but there is an alternative. We offer everyone the chance to win a 60 day wow game card for free. Just click here for a chance to win. You could be playing warcraft free for 60 days on us.


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